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Top 3 (+1) Vue libraries for your next project ⏩


Hi everyone 👋🏼​ In this article, I’m going to look at my three favorite libraries for developing Vue applications. These are all libraries that I have used throughout my experience with this framework and that I have found interesting.

Let’s start 🤙🏼​

Prime Vue

PrimeVue is a complete UI suite for Vue.js consisting of a set of UI components. The project’s primary goal is to boost developer productivity by offering reusable solutions that are easy to tune and customize as an in-house library. PrimeVue was developed by PrimeTek, a world-renowned provider of popular component suites, which is also responsible for developing PrimeReact.

It’s a comprehensive framework, packed with ready-to-use components and extremely flexible when it comes to customizing it to your needs. It’s on the rise rapidly and has gained a lot of popularity among Vue developers in the last period.


Buefy is a lightweight UI component library based on Vue.js and Bulma CSS. It provides a set of stylized components using Bulma’s classes, using the full power of Vue.js, encapsulating the logic for each component.

As with Bulma, one of the strengths of this framework is definitely its flexibility: you can customize the theme and style according to what you need.

Oruga UI

Oruga is a lightweight UI components library for Vue.js without any dependency. It offers a set of easily customisable components and doesn’t depend on any specific style.

Oruga provides you with a set of functional components, so you can focus only on the UI/UX aspects of your application and can be entirely flexible for future changes without having to touch a line of JavaScript.


Bulma is not a framework based on Vue.js, it’s a simple lightweight framework without any JavaScript dependencies. In other words, Bulma is a CSS library, with ONLY CSS and it provides CSS classes to help you style your HTML code.

Bulma stands out for its ease of use and very low learning curve, compatible with all kind of frontend frameworks.


I have listed what for me are the most valid frameworks for a Vue.js project, I hope this article has been helpful.

Happy coding!✨