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Astro: the new frontier of Frontend Frameworks 🪐


In the historical period in which we live, the frontend world is saturated with frameworks: Vue, React, Angular, just to name the most famous. All technologies focused on making the developer’s life much easier, without really caring too much about performance. In recent years, frontend frameworks have been emerging that focus on performance and speed: Astro is part of this generation of technologies. In this article will show you what is Astro and how it works.

Let’s start! 🤙

What is Astro?

Astro is the web framework for building content-driven websites like blogs, portfolio, and e-commerce. With Astro, the way has been opened for a new frontend architecture to reduce the overhead and complexity of JavaScript when loading web pages, making the site fast and SEO friendly.

The five principles of Astro’s philosophy

Astro was designed based on five fundamental principles to explain the need that led to its development and the problems it needs to solve:

Main features

Astro includes everything you need to create a website, built-in. There are also hundreds of different integrations and API hooks available to customize a project to your exact use case and needs.

Some highlights include:


Astro is a new content- and performance-driven frontend framework that is easy to use and has everything you need to start developing a new project. We will hear a lot about it in the future.

Happy coding!✨