I write articles about the technologies I use the most and share my experiences!

Reusable UI structure: Layouts 💱

It may happen during development that you have to reuse the same components for the entire use of the application.

Top 3 (+1) Vue libraries for your next project ⏩

In this article, I'm going to look at my three favorite libraries for developing Vue applications.

The wrappers for your Components: Pages 📃

Each website allows you to view so-called "web pages", so that you can interact or find information.

Build your interface in Astro: Components 🧩

Every frontend framework is based on the concept of Components. Astro is no exception!

Pieces of interactives: Astro Islands ☄️

Astro's philosophy is centered around not using JavaScript, but it may happen in some situations that you need to use it to give interactivity to certain elements of the page.

Astro: the new frontier of Frontend Frameworks 🪐

In recent years, frontend frameworks have been emerging that focus on performance and speed, Astro is part of this generation of technologies.

The pieces of UI: Components 🧩

Components allow us to divide the user interface into independent, reusable parts, each independent of the other and they are considered the basis of an interface built with Vue.

Display your list: v-for 🫨

Vue allows object list rendering to be simple and clean.

Customize your components: Class and Style Bindings 💅

In Vue it's possible to manipulate style of your components for assign dynamic value and create custom effects.

The life of Vue app: Lifecycle Hooks♻️

In Vue there are many steps of app's lifecycle, each Vue component instance goes through a series of initialization steps when it's created.

Track your variables: Watchers 👀

Watchers are essential features for software development with Vue.

Conditional rendering: v-if vs v-show 🫴

In some cases it happens that you want to render certain portions of software according to certain conditions.

Data binding: Directives 🫰

Vue provides a special attribute called "Directive" the reactive changes to the DOM.

Computed Properties 🤙

Vue uses special properties called "Computed properties" to help apps perform best and avoid boring code repetition for developers.

Reactivity: ref() vs reactive() 👊

Vue is based on the concept of reactivity just like React and Angular which makes the user experience better.

Scaffolding a Vue 3 project using create-vue ⚡️

Vue.js the progressive JavaScript framework, one of three modern frontend framework with Angular and React. What is the reasons why many developers choose this framework?